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Reserve engaging nutrition, health, and wellbeing presentations

for your clinical and corporate settings

Advanced Nutrition Presentations and Diabetes Support

Corporate wellness:  

  • Women's and men's health

  • Immune boosting Nutrition

  • Thyroid dysfunction

  • Weight management

  • Gut Microbiome and Health

  • Diet Facts

  • Mood and food

  • Navigating a grocery store for good health


Diabetes Support Group:

  • Diabetes prevention program

  • Support groups

Mindfulness Programs

(Virtual and Live)


14 years of Mindfulness-Based Teaching

Mindfulness Yoga

"The way you manage your time is a reflection of how you manage your mind."  Evangelina DiSpirito

For Corporations and Clinics:

Mindfulness-based classes: Bring a sense of calm to your workplace. Prevent burn-out through mindfulness. ​

  • On-site and Virtual Live Classes Available

  • Restorative Yoga 

  • Mindfulness-Based Meditations 

For Individuals: Gentle restorative yoga and meditation is found to help improve many health conditions and help relieve anxiety.  Attend this series to find out how.

Serene soul series: 

(Spaces fill-up soon-reserve your spot)

  • 6 weeks - 60-minute weekly  mindfulness-based classes

  • Weekly handouts and discussion

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